Why Sharing of Passwords is never a Good Idea

How things have changed…

30 years ago, all you needed was a password to be secure.

20 years ago, it became more important to have a long password to be reasonably secure.

10 years ago, you needed a complex password to be reasonably secure.

Today, you need a password which is long, complex, never used in multiple places, and changes on a regular basis.

Today, managing multiple online accounts while keeping your password secured can be very challenging, especially with mounting threats to cybersecurity. And many times these are due to compromised passwords.

Passwords can be compromised due to improper password practices which includes sharing of passwords. This might seem more convenient for others. For instance, within teams in which there are multiple users that need to access one account—you never know if others have good cybersecurity hygiene. So no matter how close you are to someone, never share your passwords with them.

Below are some reasons that establish why sharing passwords is bad. 

  • Compromised Account Security: When you share your password with someone, you technically give that person access to your other accounts that have the same password.
  • Identity Misuse or Identity Theft: If you give one access to your account, any action that they will do will be done under your name/identity. You will be responsible for any charges they might incur.
  • Password Theft: The simple act of sharing the password puts it at greater risk of being stolen by hackers and then sold on the dark web.

But there is a way to share passwords securely. Password Vault allows you to share passwords with another person or with a group without compromising your account.

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