Ron and Sudesh will be Speaking at ForenSecure ’16 – April 14, 2018

Don’t Leave Cyber Security To your IT Manager – Combating Emerging Threats Facing Small and Mid-sized Businesses

Why don’t more small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) take such steps to protect their most sensitive data assets? Companies cite that the lack of trained security staff and inadequate budgets are top barriers. However, given the enormous costs associated with a data breach, failing to protect against today’s dynamic threat environment could prove disastrous.

Cybersecurity at small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) face ever-mounting threats. The number of attacks is escalating rapidly and the emergence of new types of attacks is a business and technology reality. The current approach of simply using firewalls and anti-virus scanners are proving less effective every day, so a more holistic approach is needed.

There is no question, greater protection beyond the “traditional” cybersecurity tools are needed to solve the security problems of today. It is time for technology professionals to understand that security is a business policy and not a technology “product” to buy. Cybersecurity technology tools are just one of the many tools engaged to implement the security policies of their organization.

We will outline how to develop a standards-based security policy for any SMB. With this top-down approach, you can create a security framework to prioritize your efforts to secure your organization from top to bottom. Our framework addresses both IT and organizational issues which will help it be both cost-effective and implementable.

We will also provide some examples of how others have approached this including a review of the NIST Framework for general business and the use of a Security Risk Assessment (SRA) for medical practices.