When working in the office, firewalls usually have a content filtering system to protect and prevent employees from going into malicious sites. But when employees start working outside remotely, that protection is gone which would mean cybersecurity risk. 

Business Cybersecurity Solution’s DNS Protection gives you the assurance that even when your employees are working remotely, you are protected. DNS protection prevents and protects users from going into malicious sites even when working outside the office. 

Features of DNS Protection: 

  • Enterprise Management Capabilities – Allows you to organize users and groups and define limitations such as limited website access or fewer restrictions for management 
  • Reporting on Malicious Sites – Allows you to see a list of blocked sites your employees attempted to access 
  • Cloud-Based Application – No servers to maintain 
  • Artificial Intelligence Engine – Equipped with a Machine learning capability that allows the system to classify and categorize URLs by processing web threat data from various sources.  

DNS Protection is billed monthly and is charged per user so you only pay for what you use.  

If you need guidance and assistance with DNS Protection, please contact Business Cybersecurity Solutions (847-430-4900) or email us at info@businesscybersecuritysolutions.com for more information. It is important to have experts guide you by evaluating what you have and recommending the right solution for your business.   

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