Importance of 2FA or MFA

With the rise in cybersecurity threats, practicing proper password hygiene is now as important as ever. One of the important things one should do is to enable two-factor or multi-factor authentication whenever available.

Two-factor or Multi-Factor Authentication 

Two-factor (2FA) or multi-factor (MFA) authentication is an added layer of strength to your protection. 2FA and MFA are essentially the same except, there’s an additional factor you’d need to fulfill to be able to login. It asks for your login + password + changing code which can be in the form of one-time PINs (OTPs) or a changing code from an authenticator app. It works by creating a layered defense that makes it much more difficult for a hacker to access your credentials. If one factor has been compromised, the hacker would still have to break through at least one more layer or barrier for them to successfully breach into your account.

MFA has different authentication methods one can enable to further protect their account. The most common are the following:

  • Answering personal security questions
  • Mobile authentication thru an authentication app or a one-time PIN (OTP)
  • Biometrics – fingerprint or retina scans, facial recognition, etc.
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