Antivirus is Not Enough 

Today, having JUST an anti-virus solution will not do enough to protect you from cyber threats. There are now numerous threats that your ordinary anti-virus solution will not catch. The best approach is to have multiple layers for your malware protection. 

The next layer is a Managed Endpoint Threat Detection and Response (Managed EDR) solution. Managed Endpoint Threat Detection and Response is an enterprise-grade system that defends where traditional Antivirus protection falls short. 

How does it work?  

Managed EDR works by using a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 24x7x365 human monitoring. The AI observes and analyzes the behavior of your system to identify suspicious activities which may be “allowed” by your system but are in fact threats. Known threats are immediately neutralized by the AI and the rest are sent to Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts for further analysis and resolution.  

There are many EDR solutions available. If they are not integrated with a Security Operations Center team to monitor it 24x7x365, it may fail to stop threats from turning into breaches. 

EDR has three phases:  

  1. Detection: Detects potential threats (AI-based) 
  2. Response: Stops these threats (AI-based and/or escalated to a 24x7x265 SOC operations team)  
  3. Remediation: If the threat has caused any damage, it is fixed immediately. Remediation efforts may include scrubbing the system of malicious processes and files or performing system rollback as needed.  

Many times, threats are eliminated in just a matter of seconds. 

Features of Managed EDR: 

  • Agent-Based EDR – An application for all servers and workstations will be installed 
  • Threat Monitoring – 24x7x365 Monitoring by professional security engineers   
  • Dashboards and Reporting – Allows for visibility into all incidents tracked 
  • Active Threat Monitoring – Allows up to the minute knowledge of new threats   
  • Remediation Assistance – Tells you where the vulnerabilities lie, why it is not secure, how to fix it, and how to avoid it in the future. 

Managed EDR is deployed as a hosted management solution with Windows, Mac, and Linux endpoint. It has a flexible monthly billing based on installations in your environment to keep your costs in check as your needs change.  

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